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Arabic Language Programme

While there are no formal academic requirements, it is essential for prospective students to possess the ability to read the Arabic language. This foundational skill will ensure that all participants can fully engage with the course materials from the outset.

Higher Arabic background

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Short Courses

It is suitable for students with a rudimentary understanding of Arabic and a basic knowledge of Islamic Studies who wish to study both Arabic - the lingua franca of the Islamic World - and the theological aspects of Islam to an advanced level.

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City Hasanat Centre for Islamic Studies Madrasah


In Hasanat we have Madrasah. Islamic Madrasah are intended for children who lack wealth to continue their early education.

Tabfidz Qur'an

Tabfidz Qur'an

Tahfiz Quran Facility refers to the memorization and recitation of the Quran, which is the holy scripture of Islam.

Islamic Library

Islamic Library

In Hasanat we have Islamic library, which may include books, journals, and other resources related to Islamic studies, history, and culture.

Community Center

Community Center

A space for social events and gatherings, such as potlucks, Eid celebrations, weddings, and other cultural events.

Counseling & Support

Counseling & Support

An area for counseling and support services, including family and marriage counseling, youth services, and more.

Sports & Fitness

Sports & Fitness

A space for sports and fitness activities, such as a gym, swimming pool, or outdoor fields for sports like soccer or cricket.

Student Destinations

Our graduates progress to postgraduate studies at leading institutes, including:

University of Birmingham
Markfield institute of higher education
Newman University Birmingham

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