Frequently Asked Questions

1. What if I do not meet the entry requirements? Accoridion Arrow

We consider all applications on an individual basis. You are encouraged to apply and discuss your needs in the interview.

2. What does the course lead to? Accoridion Arrow

Upon completion, our graduates pursue a range of paths. While many enrol for undergraduate and postgraduate studies at leading universities, other undertake career-specific training. 

3. Who are the teachers? Accoridion Arrow

Our faculty consists of male and female teachers who are experts in their subjects and have extensive track records of teaching and research.

4. Are there any fees? Accoridion Arrow

The course is completely free.

5. What does the course entail? Accoridion Arrow

Please refer to the module list and course summary at the top of this page.

6. How long is the course? Accoridion Arrow

The HAIS programme is 3 years, full time.

7. Which days does the course run? Accoridion Arrow

The course runs from Monday to Thursday, 9.30 am to 2.00 pm. 

8. Are there any holidays? Accoridion Arrow

Yes, there are half-term and end of term holidays. We follow the academic calendar for colleges and schools as set by Birmingham City Council. 

9. What happens after I apply? Accoridion Arrow

The admissions team will contact you to arrange an interview. If the interview goes well, you will be offered a place. Once you accept the offer, we will send out your new student pack. You will then be invited to attend the induction in September. Classes will begin one day after induction.

10. What happens at the interview? Accoridion Arrow

The interview is a discussion with one of the course teachers. The teacher will assess your suitability for the course and determine whether or not the course meets your needs. It is quite relaxed, so do not worry!


Student Destinations

Our graduates progress to postgraduate studies at leading institutes, including:

University of Birmingham
Markfield institute of higher education
Newman University Birmingham

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