Women’s Tajwid Course

Course Summary


1 year Part time


Tajwid and Qur’an Recitation

Course Details

Programme Outline and Aims Accoridion Arrow

This course will introduce students to Arabic phonetics specifically for the purpose of the recitation of the Qur’an and designed to cater for complete beginners. Students will study the rules of Tajwid, have an opportunity to implement such rules in their recitation and learn to recite surahs independently. The teaching will focus on linguistic aspects and the correct pronunciation of letters. Ustadhah Umm Haatim will be delivering the course, it is taught in English with the use of correct Arabic phonetic form.

This course aims for learners to

  • To understand the rules of Tajwid
  • To recite Quran fluently at an adequate level according to correct Arabic phonetics
  • To understand the role of Tajwid and its importance in the recitation of Quran

Programme Learning Outcomes Accoridion Arrow

Skills and knowledge

On successful completion of this course, students should be able to:

  1. Identify and differentiate between similar sounding phonemes
  2. Recognise the Arabic alphabet and sound system
  3. Be able to distinguish and pronounce all Arabic sounds
  4. Explain the Tajwid rules of Quranic recitation

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the Entry Requirements? Accoridion Arrow

Applicants must be capable of recognising the Arabic script of the Noble Qur’an.

2. What language is the course taught in? Accoridion Arrow

The mode of instruction for teaching, learning and assessments will all be in English

3. Who is the teacher? Accoridion Arrow

Umm Hatim is an expert in Tajwid with an Ijaza in the Noble Quran as well as a Hafidha with an extensive track record of experience in teaching and research.

4. Are there any fees? Accoridion Arrow

The course is completely free.

5. How long is the course? Accoridion Arrow

This Tajwid course is 1 year, part-time.

6. Which days does the course run? Accoridion Arrow

The course runs on Tuesday, 11:00am to 1:30pm.

7. Are There Any Holidays? Accoridion Arrow

Yes, there are half-term and end of term holidays. We follow the academic calendar for colleges and schools as set by Birmingham City Council.

8. What Happens After I Apply? Accoridion Arrow

After applying, your name will be added to the class for enrolment. This provision has a limited capacity and students will be added on a first come first served basis.

9. Do I need to attend an interview? Accoridion Arrow

After successful completion of your application, your name will be added to attend this provision. Upon arrival at the campus, a member of administration will reach out to you for your induction.

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Our graduates progress to postgraduate studies at leading institutes, including:

University of Birmingham
Markfield institute of higher education
Newman University Birmingham